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About us

Eadiefleet brings people together, one community at a time.


Where it all began

Eadiefleet Corporation was founded in 2003 by Michael as a small business with a big idea; to help other small businesses by simplifying technology. Our aim was to become a one-stop service provider by offering everything from custom application development to web and email hosting.

We have developed a number of custom in-house systems for our clients to help them simplify the way they do business. We strive to understand our customers and their needs. Our thought is that technology shouldn’t make our lives more difficult, but rather help us simplify our work so that we can spend more time on what is really important!

What makes us who we are

In 2003, LifesLINK was launched as a mainstream dating website. This was unique in that you could create a profile that was tailored to what you were looking for. From this website two other sites were created to focus more on individuals; MansLINK and LadysLINK.

In this process, we discovered that users enjoyed being apart of a niche market and they felt safe and secured within it. In 2005, QOOL.ca was created as an all Canadian gay dating service. This is the point in time where Eadiefleet was truly discovered.

In 2009, with the retirement of QOOL.ca, Eadiefleet continued to create niche communities based on popularity.

Our services

We are doing a couple of things you might be interested in

Clean Layout

Easy to navigate and simple to understand. We rid the clutter and keep things clean.

Ruby on Rails

Opensourced framework, that gives us the freedom to create beautiful code, and elegant solutions.

Responsive design

Using Bootstrap 3 our products are compatible with various desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.


Giving people the opportunity to meet like minded individuals, in a safe online place.

Write drunk; edit sober.

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